Cathryn & Martin | Wedding story

Bride & Groom - Cathryn & Martin

Wedding Venue - Mitton Hall, Whalley, Lancashire

Wedding season - Late Summer

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Cathryn and Martin's wedding is one of our favourite ones from year 2015. It took place in a beautiful settings of Mitton Hall near Whalley. Entire wedding sparkled with genuine happiness and satisfaction. Weddings in Lancashire have their very own charm; people there are more 'into it', they are very easy-going and have more fun than anywhere else. The feeling of that peace and joy among everyone overwhelmed us. We met people who are not pretending anything, families who sincerely like each one and can really show it. And therefore, every Lancashire wedding like Cathryn and Martin's one is a great experience for us and we are very pleased, that we could be a part of it.

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