Why it is great to be a wedding photographer

We do not do this often since the Wedding Season of this year started, but we did it today... We blogged about 'Why is it great to be a Wedding Photographer'. We feeling it right nowwww ☺ ♥

We love what we do & our job starts with you...

We create a valuable work

We live in incredibly fast times. We forget what happened yesterday and tomorrow we will not remember what happened today. Wedding photographers are people who produce wedding photos for their clients. These photographs will have the same value at least for another 50 years. They are something that will become a family heritage, they will be very likely passed from generation to generation. As the time passes, your friends and family will look through your wedding photo book album and remember these good times. Your grandchildren will giggle at their grandparents and their wedding photos. And that is something very valuable.
This value is becoming more and more acclaimed and many are not aware that the wedding photographer is probably the best investment they put into their wedding. And that is good for us wedding photographers out there, is it not? :)

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In addition to an already selected wedding date, wedding dress and gown, booked venues; you also need to look into the smaller details, that should not be forgotten. First of all, you should make the style of your wedding day clear. Are you a romantic soul, modern woman or extravagant element? Feel free to plan the wedding in the style that is closest to you. For every bride is very important to have the most beautiful dress, makeup and hair on their wedding day. Nor less are important wedding announcements and invitations to the wedding table, name labels for the tables or other tweaks such as personalised labels for the wine bottles.

When should I get wedding announcements/invitations made for?

You should start thinking about the look and feel of the wedding announcements/invitation cards right away after...

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How to choose your wedding date

Last month we received, for us, quite an unusual email enquiry from Bride to be, asking us what Saturday dates we have left available this year to photograph her wedding, as her and her fiancé have not chosen their wedding date yet.
Such surprising email inspired us to write this article and give you some ideas about how to choose your wedding date.
To ask your favourite wedding photographer for available dates can be one of the options, but not very popular one. Most of the time couples find their wedding venues first and then they usually look for a suitable wedding photographer.

So, let's start. Wedding is a magical day. What can make it even more magical are the numbers in the chosen date. Some couples choose the date that reminds them of something, for example the day they first met or had the first date. Others choose the date randomly or according to the availability of the venue or services required such as their wedding photographer or a wedding planner. Then, there are couples who choose the day of their wedding with help from the specialists in esotericism...

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After the success of the first photo book video presentation, here comes the next! May we present you with another photo book sample album of one of our favourite weddings of year 2016. This time, we used luxury lustre lamination on both the pages and hard back cover, which very well compliments the elegant wedding style, choice of the venues and wedding story itself. The photo book sample was again printed by a company called Graphistudio, which is based in Italy. This time we also displayed a presentation box all the books come in.
We feel that it is also important to point out that...

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